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Thread: Jacks Tumblr Auto-Follow Imacro Script

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    Jacks Tumblr Auto-Follow Imacro Script

    Hi WBS

    Captain Jacks back with another Imacro script for automatically following tumblrs in your niche. The script will follow around 98% successfully give or take a few strange templates and frame issues.

    Imacros Code:


    1. Open Firefox Browser And Imacros

    2. Copy and paste the above code and save it

    3. Login to your tumblr account

    4. Navigate to your niche tag for example cats would be and cat food would be .

    5. Use the page slider on the right in firefox to scroll the page downwards, so more posts will load for that niche. As you scroll to the bottom you will see the 'loading more posts" message. Just keep doing this until you have a good number of posts present.

    6. Set your max to 100 under repeat macro in the play tab on imacros.

    7. Press Play(loop)

    8. Sit back or go and make something to eat and drink, while the script automatically follows tumblrs in your niche.

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    I also start using a Tumblr bot which is and it help me increase my followers and also likes beside it has also a 2 hours free demo.

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